» Shoulder Strap w/ 3/4″ Lightweight Polypropylene

Shoulder Strap w/ 3/4″ Lightweight Polypropylene

Shoulder Strap w/ 3/4" Lightweight Polypropylene

Shoulder Strap w/ 3/4″ Lightweight Polypropylene Strapworks’ Lightweight Polypropylene 3/4 inch Shoulder Strap with Metal fixed loop swivel snaps, black nylon shoulder pad and a black plastic slide for adjustment. Lightweight Polypropylene 3/4 inch webbing has a breaking strength of 450 pounds with a thickness of 0.04 of an inch. Metal and plastic hardware are not rated.Shoulder Straps: a shoulder strap can be used to distribute weight over your shoulder, across the body, over both shoulders, or just carried by hand. Strapworks’ Shoulder straps are not just a piece of material used to help you carry a heavy load, at Strapworks, Shoulder Straps are a design experience. Your choice of webbing (Flat Nylon, Heavyweight Polypropylene, Lightweight Polypropylene, and Patterned Polyester) depends on your application. Your choice of end hardware includes 12 options: Plastic Rotate Snaps, Plastic Swivel Snaps, Metal Bolt Snaps, Mini Metal Bolt Snaps, Metal Trigger Snaps, Metal Swivel Snaps, Mini carabineers (8 colors), Spring Links, Stainless Steel Swivel Snaps, Solid Brass Bolt Snaps (round and square eye) and Solid Brass Trigger Snaps.We can also powder coat your metal end hardware for a small additional charge. You can choose from 19 stock colors. There is no minimum on stock colors. You can also order from over 100 available colors. On custom colors there is a minimum of 150 pieces (you can combine different types of metal hardware to meet this requirement). Please keep in mind that powder coating can delay shipping your order, and that powder coating is only available with metal hardware. Stapworks’ Shoulder Straps are available in 4 adjustment lengths: 1 foot to 2 foot adjustment 1 1/2 foot to 3 foot adjustment 2 foot to 4 foot adjustment 3 foot to 6 foot adjustmentShoulder straps are used for packs, duffel bags, purses, guitars, luggage bags, rifles (slings), and golf bags etc. Shoulder straps made with lightweight polypropylene webbing are ideally suited for outdoor light duty use. Other than breaking strength and webbing thickness, they have the same attributes as heavyweight polypropylene webbing. Shoulder straps made with heavyweight polypropylene webbing are ideally suited for outdoor use because it has excellent UV protection and does not absorb water quickly giving it better mildew and rot resistance. Heavyweight polypropylene webbing is suitable for medium duty applications. However, polypropylene does not have good abrasion resistance, so it is not recommended for use against rough edges. We recommend flat nylon webbing for “skin contact” straps. Our nylon has a tight weave and a very smooth feel. So, for straps, where the strap is across the back of your neck, nylon would be more comfortable. Shoulder straps made with flat nylon webbing are also the webbing of choice for high abrasion applications. However, it is not recommended for use in or around water continuously because it is less water resistant, making it susceptible to mildew and rot. Shoulder straps made with polyester or patterned polyester webbing are perfect for heavy loads with high abrasion. Polyester combines the best attributes of flat nylon (abrasion resistance) and heavyweight polypropylene (UV protection, water resistance). Follow us on Twitter for links to daily specials, “Like” us on Facebook for access to a coupon code for your next order & subscribe to our Youtube Channel.

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