» Universal Carry Strap w/ 2″ Flat Nylon

Universal Carry Strap w/ 2″ Flat Nylon

Universal Carry Strap w/ 2" Flat Nylon

Universal Carry Strap w/ 2″ Flat Nylon Strapworks’ Universal Carry Strap made with 2 inch Flat Nylon Webbing. Flat nylon 2 inch webbing has a breaking strength of 5500 pounds with a thickness of 0.070 to 0.075 of an inch. Metal and plastic hardware are not rated.We originally designed the Universal Carry Strap for a customer from the show “American Inventor”. As we were developing a strap for him we came up with this super simple design that works for almost anything. The Universal Carry Strap is perfect for carrying yoga mats, snow boards, yard tools, camping gear, fireman axes and picks, etc. Just snap on the side release buckles, adjust for a snug fit, and it is ready to throw over your shoulder. The Universal Carry Strap comes with a shoulder pad and durable plastic hardware. Not recommended for use carrying children or live animals. For more information on how to use, please send an email to support@strapworks.com. Stapworks’ Universal Carrying Straps are available in 4 shoulder adjustment lengths: 1-1/2 foot to 3 foot adjustment 2 foot to 4 foot adjustment 3 foot to 6 foot adjustment 4 foot to 8 foot adjustmentWe recommend flat nylon webbing for “skin contact” straps. Our nylon has a tight weave and a very smooth feel. So, for straps, where the strap is across the back of your neck, nylon would be more comfortable. Universal Carry straps made with flat nylon webbing are also the webbing of choice for high abrasion applications. However, it is not recommended for use in or around water continuously because it is less water resistant, making it susceptible to mildew and rot. Universal carry straps made with heavyweight polypropylene webbing are ideally suited for outdoor use because it has excellent UV protection and does not absorb water quickly giving it better mildew and rot resistance. Heavyweight polypropylene webbing is suitable for medium duty applications. However, polypropylene does not have good abrasion resistance, so it is not recommended for use against rough edges. Universal carry straps made with polyester or patterned polyester webbing are perfect for heavy loads with high abrasion. Polyester combines the best attributes of flat nylon (abrasion resistance) and heavyweight polypropylene (UV protection, water resistance).

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